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Mother’s Day Lessons

There are many lessons to learn from our own mothers and from other mothers, too. Most importantly, we discover the kind of mother we’d like to be if we were blessed to have children of our own. In my 54 years on this planet, I’ve seen a variety of parenting styles, and even, sadly, lack of parenting. It only makes me appreciate the incredible sacrifices made by my mother, and the lessons I learned from being a mother.

I’m blown away by working women who raise two, three, even more children without a staff and without losing their patience. Certainly, there are times that we all lose our composure. When my son was just a baby and we were on a plane trip, he was cranky and it’s no wonder. It’s not natural for babies to be in confined areas, have their ears pop from the air pressure change and want to be in their comfy cribs rather than surrounded by strangers. My child had to be changed so I created a make-shift diaper station on the floor in the aisle of the 757 jet. During that, um, procedure, my infant decided that was the time to urinate. Let’s just say the people nearby weren’t all that elated. We all try to do the best we can. There’s no foolproof handbook for mothers. Ask four moms how to potty train and you’ll most likely get four different answers.

Many mothers desperately try to shield their children from disappointments and injustices, from hurt feelings and scraped knees. When Rocco was seven years old, I enrolled him in the YMCA swimming program. In my youth, I had been a state champion swimmer and wanted to make sure I passed down that trait. I gave my son a few extra tips and put him in the hands of a competent and successful coach. After a few months of practice, we entered Rocco in a Novice swim meet. It was an opportunity for children who had never swam competitively to learn about the rules and procedures of a swim meet. It was exciting for me as a mother, to watch my son go through the anticipation and excitement leading up to the race. When the kids were called to get on their starting blocks, my stomach did a flip-turn and my heart thumped thunderously in my chest, as if I was the one to swim for the first time. An official called the children to attention with a loud and deafening command that I had heard many times before, “Swimmers, take your mark…” and then came the powerful sound of the starter gun blasting.

The stands were filled with anxious parents and grandparents hoping their kids would be the one to come home with a first place trophy, but there could only be one. Rocco’s reflexes were quick and he attacked the water with the skill and command of an older, more experienced athlete. The joy and elation I felt watching my son follow in my footsteps – or strokes – was both exhilarating and tense.

Was he swimming too fast to keep that pace for two laps?

So many things raced through my mind…

Maybe he should have had eggs instead of cereal for breakfast.

Wow! He could actually win!

Rocco’s drive and determination during his months of practice paid off, big time! Before a couple of kids even made it to the end of the first lap, Rocco finished the second lap and won! To see the smile and joy on his face was priceless. It was an achievement that could give him the confidence to continue swimming, and set him up to succeed in other areas of his life.

The elation, however, was short-lived.

After the race was over, Rocco’s coach and other swimmers congratulated him on his first place win, but when we went to pick up his trophy, we were severely disappointed. Although there was no denying that Rocco finished first, he was not given the first place trophy or any trophy. The reason we were given was quite unfair and unjust.

“Rocco swam too fast and it wasn’t fair to the other children,” said the official in charge.

Instead of coming home with a trophy and the confidence that his hard work paid off, Rocco was given a stack of comic books. Seriously.

Part of me wanted to scream and yell about the injustice of it all (ok, truthfully, I did a little). Here was a child who followed the rules, he had never swam competitively, but just happened to be better than the others. Apparently being too good was unfair to the kid who came in last.

Life isn’t fair…

…is one of the many things I learned from my mother. She taught me how to be kind and compassionate, to give to others when they are in need. I remember visiting my grandfather who had Parkinson’s disease. My mother would take off his shoes and rub his feet. She was and is always available to help a friend move or to plant flowers for someone or to be a cheerleader in the stands at my swim meets. She taught me how to be a mother, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the moms who give so freely of their time to their children and who constantly remind us of what it means to love unconditionally.

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005: 7 Steps on How to Fight at Cold

This Week’s Episode:

My husband, Ted Nugent, recently went on a trip and got sick.  I know that prevention is key to keeping sickness away.  I doubled up on my vitamins and made sure I got my greens.  Well, a few weeks later, Ted got sick again and this time, I wasn’t so vigilant.  I let my guard down and caught his cold!

In this episode, you are going to hear my seven steps on how to fight a cold.  Sure, it’s best not to get sick at all, but sometimes it happens, and these steps will help you recover from the illness.  For more information like I shared with you today, pick up my book, 4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy: Be Happier, Healthier, More Prosperous, and Life the Life of Your Dreams

You’ll Learn:

  • [00:34] – Ted recently went on a trip and came home sick with a cold.  After recovering, he got sick again!
  • [02:03] – Step #1:  Note the day you first have symptoms. Write down the symptoms and when you first noticed them.
  • [02:36] – Step #2: Check with your doctor on the 2nd or 3rd day you have the symptoms of a cold. 
  • [03:25] – Step #3: REST!  Get caught up on some Netflix.
  • [04:54] – Step #4: Wipe down every surface.  This keeps you from reinfecting yourself and others in your household.
  • [05:11] – Step #5: REST!
  • [05:26] – Step #6: Be proactive with chicken soup, Kleenex, honey and lemon, chamomile tea, cough lozenges, and whiskey. 
  • [06:47] – Step #7: Don’t work out.

004: Understanding Functional Medicine with Dr. Pamela Hughes

This Week’s Episode:

Dr. Pamela Hughes joins me on this episode of This Rockin’ Life.  I really enjoyed speaking with Pamela and I think you will get a lot out of our discussion.

In this conversation, you will hear Pamela’s backstory and how she ended up in Florida. She also explains how her husband’s injury led to her interest in functional medicine.  Pamela shares the joy that receives by getting people off drugs and getting them to feel well without that medication.  You will hear Pamela and I talk about the toxins we are putting our bodies and how techniques that The Hughes Center for Functional Medicine uses, like IV minerals and cleansing/detoxing through Isagenix can help people get healthy. 

Connect with Dr. Pamela Hughes:

The Hughes Center for Functional Medicine

You’ll Learn:

  • [00:40] – Pamela explains how she ended up in Naples, Florida.
  • [01:50] – Pamela describes herself.  She is determined and has a passion for people and medicine. This is a path that started in 8th grade.
  • [04:21] – I share how Pamela and I met. 
  • [05:17] – Pamela shares her experience in the military. This led to her interest in functional medicine. She describes her husband’s recovery through functional medicine.
  • [08:33] – We talk about the reasons to drink water out of glass.  We also discuss the dangers of chemicals that seem into the food and beverages we drink.
  • [11:29] – IV minerals are incredibly beneficial. I receive those treatments when I visit the Hughes Center and Pamela shares why these treatments are important. 
  • [15:30] – Pamela discusses stress and the seriousness of having stress in your life. 
  • [17:20] – Pamela and I share the products that we’ve recently started and how those are affecting our lives.
  • [22:05] – Pamela shares some of the common symptoms they treat at the Hughes Center for Functional Medicine.  Pamela talks about a wellness program she is putting together. 
  • [26:04] – Pamela explains why she likes to see people when they are healthy. 
  • [27:28] – Pamela talks about Isagenix, cleansing and detoxing.
  • [29:43] – Pamela shares the results she’s experienced with Isagenix.

003: Become MindLESS, not MindFUL, with Dr. Kapil Gupta

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This Week’s Episode:

Dr. Kapil Gupta joins me on this episode. Dr. Gupta is a personal advisor to celebrities and professional athletes who want to take their lives and performances to the next level.

In this conversation, we discuss Dr. Gupta’s new book, Atmamum and his philosophies.  You will hear Dr. Gupta explain why he believes in mindlessness and he explains how this is where “the zone” is.  He also shares his opinion on the formulaic recipe tendencies of modern-day culture.  Dr. Gupta’s comments on parenting are interesting and you’re going to want to hear his thoughts.  This conversation has changed my life and I hope it gives you a new perspective on yours.

Connect with Dr. Kapil Gupta:





You’ll Learn:

  • [01:30] – When asked to describe himself, Dr. Gupta calls himself a “fascinating student of life.”
  • [02:25] – Dr. Gupta shares his background and explains how his early life shaped his philosophies.
  • [03:47] – Dr. Gupta works with professional athletes. He explains that the higher the stage, the more need there is for the kind of support he provides.
  • [05:35] – Dr. Gupta explains how he works with professional athletes. Though his own experimentation, he discovered what “the zone” is.
  • [10:34] – Dr. Gupta says that formulaic tendencies of modern-day culture leads to mediocrity.
  • [12:30] – Dr. Gupta does not believe it’s difficult to block things out. He explains that “difficulty is only possible when one feels that he has a choice.”
  • [18:40] – In his book, Dr. Gupta says that parents don’t really love their children and parenting is a burden. He explains these comments.  He discusses the difference between love and attachment.
  • [23:40] – Dr. Gupta says, “The ability to curb involuntary thought is the pathway to achieving everything you want in your life.” He goes on to share his thoughts on mindfulness. He feels that we are at our best when we are mindless.
  • [31:44] – If you are just starting out with meditating, Dr. Gupta shares some recommendations.
  • [34:49] – Dr. Gupta talks about the idea of competitiveness. He says that we operate at our best when we are relaxed.
  • [38:17] – Dr. Gupta says that he wishes we had a near-death experience once every three months. He explains this opinion.



002: Ted Nugent: What Inspires and Motivates the Guitar Legend?

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This Week’s Episode:

You are probably quite familiar with my guest on this episode. Not only has he carved a permanent place in rock and roll history, but he’s also my husband.  Ted Nugent has sold more than 40 million albums and performed in more than 6,400 concerts, and still finds time to be an activist for the military and law enforcement.  He is the most outspoken proponent of our nation’s 1st and 2nd Ammendment rights.  I am thrilled to have him on this episode of This Rockin’ Life.

In this conversation, you will hear Ted Nugent share the opinions and beliefs that make him an inspiration to people all over the world.  Like everyone, Ted has been faced with obstacles and he has consistently made decisions that align themselves with the way he was raised. This has allowed him to overcome these barriers.  If you are feeling stuck in life, Ted gives you advice on how to be the rockstar of your life.

Connect with Ted Nugent:



You’ll Learn:

  • [01:52] – Ted describes how he sees himself, as an “independent shit-kicker”. He feels that he is what God had in mind when he created man in his image.
  • [04:31] – Ted has faced obstacles in life and he explains how he overcomes these obstacles while staying true to his overall philosophies though a level of awareness.
  • [07:28] – Ted explains why he has avoided drugs and alcohol.
  • [10:08] – If you are feeling stuck, Ted explains how to dream big and be the rockstar of your life. He encourages you to demand excellence from yourself.
  • [12:48] – Ted’s heroes are people that excel in their job. He lists a few people that he admires.




001: Introduction to This Rockin’ Life!

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My love for radio began in 1980, when I was a newscaster at a college radio station, and then, I met my husband, Ted Nugent, when I was a traffic reporter at a rock’n roll radio station in Detroit. After getting married, raising a child and becoming an International Fitness Presenter, I still felt like something was missing in my life. 

I’m a seeker.  I want answers to the most important questions in life like, what’s my purpose in life….how can I be healthier, happier, more prosperous, and how can I eat chocolate cake and not gain a pound?  

Doesn’t everyone?

I love hearing about what makes people tick, how they got to where they are today, what inspires them, and what their successes and failures are.

This Rockin’ Life is an educational, enlightening and entertaining podcast that will encompass a variety of topics from experts that can help you live an amazing life – a Rockin Life!