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Happy Thanksgiving


It’s the season for celebrating, spending time with loved ones and counting our blessings.  I am thankful for my health, family and friends, and for the wonderful testimonials about my new book, “4 Minutes a Day, “Rock ’n Roll Your Way to Happy”.  Actually, I’m blown away.  The response has exceeded my expectations and confirmed that writing the book, putting my deepest thoughts on paper for the world to read, has been worthwhile.  Changing people’s lives is my business, and although it took losing my health and home to do it, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to share my passion for healthy living with others.

With your help, the book ranked number thirty on amazon.com in the Happiness category on the day it launched!  Here is what people have said about the book:

Want to change your life?  Need some inspiration?  Shemane Nugent—one of the coolest chicks on the planet—has the answer.  With hard-won experience and wisdom, Shemane offers a path to better health, wealth and happiness—in just 4 minutes a day.  And, given that she’s a Nugent, there’s a hefty dose of soul-stirring rock and roll in there too!  Read this book NOW—and within 4 minutes, you’ll find yourself smiling—and on the way to a better you.” – Monica Crowley, Ph.D. – Fox News, The Washington Times

Love this book and Shemane Nugent is so inspiring! Changing your lifestyle can be overwhelming and feel like a struggle, but Shemane makes it simple, fun, real and uplifting. Shemane is authentic and down-to-earth, making it easy for anyone to benefit from the program she shares inside this book. This book is thought provoking, interactive and life-changing. If you want more out of life and know you were made for more, you’ve gotta get this book!  – Kimberly G

Wow! Shemane’s book “4 Minutes a Day, Rock n’ Roll Your Way to Happy” is beyond excellent! It’s more than an inspirational book, it is a friendly, easy, fun-filled plan to improve the quality of your life and attain your own form of real, soul-deep happiness! Shemane’s book is loaded with advice, wisdom and ideas drawn from her own experiences and research, the experiences of other contemporary fitness, health and wellness instructors, and spiced with little bits of wisdom distilled from history’s great philosophers, scientists and thinkers. A joy to read. It’s a real page turner…you’ll want to read all of Shemane’s book at once…but don’t! Take your time…just spend four minutes a day with Shemane’s book…and savor each delicious little daily lesson. You will be smiling by the end of chapter one!  – William

The Queen of the Forest has written just a truly inspirational and outstanding book. Impossible to set down once you pick it up. Her insights and ability to tell this story just flow and make it feel like this book was written to you personally, the individual reader. As she brings the reader into her home, and in her life, sharing very personal thoughts and stories. Shemane offers practical daily motivational and spiritual exercises for overall wellness and daily living. Living well and living happy. And I’m not referring to physical exercise, but exercises in the way we live, the way we think. How we handle situations, or how we don’t. Our relationship with God and people. How we can improve our lot in life no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. This is just a fantastic book that should be in every household, read by men and women alike. If you want to read an uplifting book, this is the book you want. If you want some great advise on how to improve your life, then this is the book you want. Shemane Nugent has written a truly inspired book… Well done Mrs. Nugent.. Well done Uncle Ted.. and your still a Hoot…- Michael

Quite recently we were discussing how we, as mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters can carve out time for ourselves without guilt. Shemane’s book is the answer to exactly that. Instead of trying to take on the world with one breath, Shemane takes you step by step, with great thought and consideration, to exactly where you want to be right now. Reminding us that happiness is a choice, and one worth striving for every single day. Her book is about you. It’s for you, and it will empower you. Well done Shemane! – Anna J

Beautifully delivered wisps of wisdom, you can just feel the energy leaping from the page into your soul. This is nourishment for your entire being, whether dealing with a personal crisis, or the more constant challenges of daily life. If you want to feel your absolute best, soak in some of the gems offered in this book. It’s for the whole person!! Cover to cover, you will be inspired and rockin’ motivated to live your best life. She nailed it. Period.  – Katie B

The book is available in all formats (Kindle, paperback and hardcover) on amazon.com and make wonderful holiday gifts!

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Holiday Health Tips


As we approach the holiday season, it’s important for us to maintain our health so that we can visit friends and relatives without that dreaded cough or cold. That means putting yourself first and making daily exercise and healthy eating a priory now. I’m all for having indulgences on occasion, like apple or pumpkin pie, but then it’s important to burn off those calories because they will catch up with you.

Each year the average person gains a few pounds over the holiday season. Let’s make sure that we don’t this season by doing a few simple things:

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Taking Risks


This week I launched my book, “4 Minutes a Day, Rock ’n Roll Your Way to HAPPY” on Amazon.com.  It was a risky venture for me to put my heart and soul, my inner-most thoughts and ideas on paper for the world to read, but I am glad I took the gamble that it would be well received. My goal has always been to help others be happier and healthier by telling my story and sharing the tips and tricks to get in shape that I’ve learned throughout my thirty-three years as a fitness instructor. But it hasn’t been without conflict.

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A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sitting on a plane during a five-hour cross-country trip, I heard flight attendants counting to twenty; then there would be silence and they would walk around the cabin assisting passengers. I’d hear them counting again to twenty, then it would stop.

They were behind the galley walls, so I couldn’t see what they were doing. I just happened to get up to go to the bathroom while they were counting. (That’s not entirely true. I had totally planned it!). They were doing squats! Twenty squats, five times throughout the flight equaled one hundred squats. Kudos to those flight attendants for creating a healthy work environment.

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The Power of Friendship


The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. —Aristotle

My best friend Nancy and I met in junior high school. We both liked a boy who was the playa’ in our school. One week, he liked Nancy, and the next week, he liked me. Nancy was a top tennis athlete and could kick my ass if she wanted to. I was scared of her. We were on a school ski trip, and wouldn’t you know it, Nancy and I showed up with the same ski outfit! I did everything I could to avoid her. She was waiting in line on the opposite side of the chair lift. As we moved closer to the beginning of the line, I saw that Nancy, would be sitting with me! This was it. I was sure she would push me off the chair lift!

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Your Body


The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.

—Oscar Wilde

This is gonna hurt. I’m sorry, but it’s time to be truthful. Look at yourself in the mirror in just your undies. Do you have love handles and cellulite? We all have something we want to change. Coming face-to-face with the truth can be incredibly motivating, while putting clothes on just covers the problem, doesn’t it?

Throughout the day, you know what you’re hiding; numbers don’t lie. Weigh yourself and take your measurements. Are you content with those numbers? Do you want to look better and feel better? Have no fear! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you didn’t get that body overnight.

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Bank on Your Health


We all know the basics of banking; you cannot withdraw money you don’t have in your account.  What if we looked at our bodies as bank accounts and the healthy choices we make as money deposited into our account?  Every time you exercised, ate healthy meals, slept well and had a positive mental attitude you’d receive more cash flow!  But all the unhealthy choices, like smoking, excessive drinking, too much stress and lack of sleep would be withdrawals that may result in poor health, depression or injuries.

There will always be times in life when we are unexpectedly hit with a curve ball and we’ll have too much stress, miss a night of good sleep, indulge in junk food, or have one too many glasses of wine.  After those occasions we feel a little less perky, more sluggish and even run-down.  Our body functions at a lower vibrational frequency and if we make yet another withdrawal on the body bank account we risk becoming overdrawn.  Injuries and illnesses are more likely to occur when our immune systems have been compromised.  In our twenties or thirties, we may have been able to get away with a few too many drinks and lack of sleep from partying but eventually, our bodies will rebel in the form of a cold, headache or something worse.

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Work Out

pushup character

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.Henry David Thoreau

Getting regular exercise doesn’t mean you have to work out an hour or more a day. Who has time for that? Short bursts of strength-training moves and at least two days of cardiovascular exercise weekly can help you keep fit.

Many of us use the lack of time as an excuse to not exercise. If I’m not teaching a fitness class, I can come up with more excuses than anybody about why I’m too busy to exercise. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.—life gets in the way, right? Wrong!

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Be Still


I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing.T. S. Eliot

Close your eyes, put your hand on your chest, and feel your heartbeat. Focus on slowing down your breath and relaxing every part of your body, beginning at your head, down through your jaw, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and toes. Imagine that every cell in your body is operating at its utmost potential. Envision every muscle and bone healthy and strong. Bring your awareness to your breath. Pretend you’re breathing through a straw slowly. Inhale to the count of ten and exhale even more slowly. Try to slow your heartbeat.

Studies show that we can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and diminish anxiety just by being still and calming our bodies and minds. Meditation helps the mind find a happy ground where it’s not working so hard and spinning out of control. It helps control anxious and negative thoughts.

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